Research Worksheet
for Environmental History Courses:  Puget Sound Watershed

Please type the answers to the questions below and submit them with your initial project and final project proposals.

1.  What is your topic?

2.  What is your question?

3.  What is your working hypothesis? (not the same as your topic)

4.  What are your topic's  temporal boundaries (date range)?

5. What is the name of your topic's watershed (if not the entire Puget Sound Watershed)?    What are its boundaries?

6.  Which sheet(s) of the USGS topographic maps does your topic fall on?

7.  What keyword strings in the UW catalog return between 10 and 100 book titles? (Be precise and include the Boolean operators you are using. If you don't know what a Boolean operator is, see the HELP documentation.)

8.  What kinds of (primary) sources have you found in the UW catalog KEYWORD interface by combining your best keywords (above) or slightly broader ones in a nested Boolean search with the phrase and su:sources  e.g. su:Tacoma and su:sources

9.  List the best two or three primary sources you have found in this manner

10. Which four article databases are the most useful?

11.  How do the keyword strings you are using in these databases differ from those that worked in the UW Catalogue?

12.  Which journal titles or authors are beginning to recur?  (i.e. who are the experts in your field and where do they publish?)

13.  Will newspapers be of use to your project?  If so, which ones?  Do the indices cover the years you are studying?

14.  Which indices, print or online, do you still need to check?

15.  When is your appointment with a UW librarian?

16.  Which printed reference works will be most useful to you?

17.  What sources have you found in a. Kruckeberg; b. White; c. Outwater; d. Murray Morgan; e. course bibliography

18.  What sources have you found in The American Historical Association's Guide To Historical Literature, general editor,
     Mary Beth Norton.  Tacoma Reference  Z6201 .A55 1995?

19.  What sources does the Northwest Room of the Tacoma Public Library have that might be of use to you?  See their web site at:

20.  What sources does the Washington State History Museum Research Center have for your project?

21.  After you have done all of the above, are there any *.edu; *.gov; or *.org web sites that have trustworthy and useful information for your project?    List a couple of them.  Who are the authors of the pages that interest you?  What are their qualifications?  What sources have they used?

22.  What difficulties do you expect to encounter with your project and what strategy do you have for overcoming them?

Hint: The page at has some starting points for this research.

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