Archives, Papers, and Images in the Puget Sound Region

This is just a sampling of some of the better known resources.

University of Puget Sound Archives:  Private Papers and Artifacts has some fascinating holdings related to the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Rim.

Every student should be acquainted with the Northwest Room at the Tacoma Public Library.  Some of the sources are fully catalogued, some are transcibed and digitized, and some are barely known.

UW Tacoma Library has some published primary sources., the Tacoma Public Utilities Archives has documents and photographs from one of the nation's oldest publicly held utilities.

National Archives in Sand Point, is the regional repository for federal records.  Some of their finding aids are online.  Some of their most  popular materials have to do with Chinese Immigration and Prohibition in Tacoma and Seattle.  Of the latter, there are digital images of  part of a file detailing the events surrounding the investigation of the Tacoma, Washington, police department, the Mayor of Tacoma and a number of city officials for Prohibition  violations.   Go to NAIL and enter the word "Tacoma" in the search field and browse around.

(Images from Nail) A search engine for locating digitized materials, called NAIL (NARA Archival Information Locator), is available online.  For instance, one can find an image of the typescript of  Franklin D. Roosevelt's Extemporaneous remarks (from rear platform of special train) at Tacoma, Washington Unrestricted. (NLR-PPF-1820-1STCARBON-SD40).

The Pacific Northwest Collection in Seattle is a natural starting point for any UW Student.

Seattle Public Library,

The Washington State Archives in Olympia.

Don't forget other sources such as interviews, newspapers, census records, and the course bibliography.

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