TCSS 343A, Winter 2005
Mathematical Principles of Computing II

Instructor: Ed Hong

Office: Pinkerton 310
Office Hours: MW 2-3PM
Telephone: (253) 692-4659

Meeting Times and Locations

Meets MW 4:15 PM -6:30 PM in Pinkerton 104

March 10 2005, 8:32 AM
more resources for final preperation
The final is on Wednesday. I've added a bunch of stuff recently. In the slides and notes section, there are notes on vertex and edge coloring, and there are two java files that you can play with to generate random graphs. More importantly, I've added several things to the solutions subdirectory: a previous final, and a graph practice and review document that also contains some solutions for the graph practice problems.

January 12 2005, 1:49 PM
slides & notes updated
A few things have been added to the slides & notes pages, including a link to the errata for the book, the powerpoint slides, the FindMax revised worksheet, and a new sheet of practice problems (including recurrence equations).


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