TESC 404 -- Costa Rica Field Studies: Ecology & Community


University of Washington, Tacoma
Winter 2015

This year the international field portion of TESC 404, Neotroical Field Studies: Ecology & Community ran from 2 February -1 March, 2015. The field course was based at Finca Siempre Verde and the Rancho Mastatal Environmental Learning Center in the rural village of Mastatal in Costa Rica, approx. 2.5 hrs. west of San Jose. Led by Dr. John "Buck" Banks, students from the UWT and UWS campuses participated in the 28 day trip. As part of the course requirements, students designed and conducted independent research projects during their stay in Costa Rica. Student research projects focused on topics such as ant, spider, and frog diversity, E. coli assays in local waterways, antimicrobial properties of leaf-cutter ants, soil health, and river sediment loads.


Links to individual projects :

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Mastatal Sunset - Photo by J E Banks
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