3 University of Washington Vision & Cognition Group

The University of Washington Vision and Cognition Group consists of 3 research labs led by Geoffrey M. Boynton, Ione Fine, and Scott O. Murray.

Our group currently includes of faculty, post-docs, graduate students, technicians and many undergraduate volunteers with research interests covering a diverse range of topics such as visual perception, attention, deprivation and development using a range of methodologies such as fMRI, MRS, DTI, ERP, psychophysics and computational modeling.

Jason Webster

Jason Webster

Ione Fine
Geoffrey Boynton

4th Year Graduate Student

Computational Neuroscience Training Grant

Research Interests:
Functional and anatomical organization of the human visual system, experience dependent plasticity in sensory deprivation, perceptual organization, 3D perception

jwebst (at) uw.edu


Julian, J. B., Fedorenko, E., Webster, J., & Kanwisher, N. (2012). An algorithmic method for functionally defining regions of interest in the ventral visual pathway. NeuroImage, 60, 2357-2364.


Presentations and Posters:

Webster, J., Huber, E., Brewer, A., MacLeod, D., Wandell, B., Wade, A., & Fine, I. (2013). A lack of experience-dependent plasticity in the ventral visual cortex after 12 years of recovered sight. Poster presented at the 2013 International Symposium for Systems Biology & the Brain, Seattle, WA.

Webster, J., Boynton, G. M., & Fine, I. (2012). The neuronal basis of contrast discrimination across individuals. Talk presented at the 2013 University of Washington Department of Psychology Research Festival, Seattle, WA.


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