Autumn 2008 ESRM 458--Management of Endangered Species

Final Takehome Exam




I.         Short Answers (15 points each).  Use the space provided--bullets and phrases are fine, give a citation to support your lists and ideas as usual.


1.        List 5 factors associated with successful reintroduction programs.










2.        Why is fixation of deleterious alleles more likely than purging of them in small populations (consider the roles of selection and drift as a function of population size)?











3.  List 3 factors that are limiting our ability to restore California Condors?







4.  Why might we get different answers about a population’s genetic structure by looking at mitochondrial DNA, nuclear DNA, and quantitative traits?



II. Key Terms (5 pts each)—BRIEFLY define each term and give a REAL example with citation to literature where possible.  Use only the space provided


1. Safe Harbor







2. Candidate Conservation Agreement







3. Sensitivity Analysis







4. 10(j) “protection” for a species







5. Heritability







6. Critical habitat







7. Pre-release training








8. Effective Population Size



III.  Investigating a Recovery Program (100 points).  For a US listed threatened or endangered species THAT WE HAVE NOT DISCUSSED IN CLASS, find the following (use as much space as you need):



1.        When was it listed?

2.        What factors caused it to be listed?

3.        Is a recovery plan approved?

4.        What is the priority rank of the species for recovery?

5.        What is being done to remove limiting factors?

6.        What is being done to recover the species?

7.        What are the recovery goals?

8.        Is critical habitat delineated and in your opinion does it matter?

9.        Are there HCPs involving this species and who is or may be interested in developing one?

10.     Who in FWS or NOAA would you contact to find out more information?

11.     Websites consulted: