Art 483 | Fundamentals of Interface Design | Winter 2007


On the course server is a repository of files that you can access and download. If you are comfortable navigating a directory tree the way it is presented on a web site, you can go directly to the following URL and start browsing:

Here is a summary of what is in the entire repository:

  • Software
    This area is divided into sub-folders for Macintosh and Windows versions. The most important one which we will be using for all of our programming is Robolab. You can also find Mindstorms NXT (the latest tool from LEGO) there, and you are welcome to experiment with it, but we won't be using it in class.

  • Handouts
    This area contains PDF files of various documents prepared for the course.

  • Documentation
    Included here are PDF files of all of the user manuals and building guides for Robolab and Mindstorms NXT.

  • Exercises
    This folder contains Robolab programs (samples and exercises) we will be using for the programming assignments.

  • Sound Files
    These are sound files in a format special to the NXT robot that can be played in your programs. They are included in the Mindstorms NXT software installation, but not in Robolab, so they are here in case you want to use them. Getting them on to the NXT robot requires a separate utility only available on a Bluetooth-equipped Macintosh. Use NXTBrowser, found in the software section of this repository.

Here is the information about the Robolab software found under the Software category above:

Robolab Software
Probably the first, and perhaps only, thing you will need is the Robolab software we will be using in class. You should download it (for either MacOS X or Windows) and install it on your own computer. Here are the direct links:
MacOS X Robolab 2.9
Windows Robolab 2.9

Software License
The UW has purchased a site license for this software that allows us to install it on an unlimited number of computers as long as they are being used for educational purposes. There is no serial number, so you can install it easily on your own computer. We want to minimize the bureaucracy, so are not requiring you to sign anything to get this software, but do not copy or post or give it to anyone else. And technically, you should remove it from your computer after the end of the course. Please act responsibly and do not violate the terms of this license.

Installation Note
When you install ROBOLAB 2.9, it will ask you for a serial number of the 2.5.4 version from which you are upgrading. Use the following number: 4229793.