Art 483 | Fundamentals of Interface Design | Winter 2007

NXT Exercises

The NXT exercises are a series of small Mindstorms robot building and programming assignments, designed to introduce students to the basic principles of software design. The exercises consist of modeling some very simple animal behaviors in NXT robots.

The animal exercises are as follows:

  1. The Mole: a lowly creature that crawls blindly underground

  2. The Roach: a nocturnal pest that runs away from the light

  3. The Moth: a flying insect that madly seeks a bright light

  4. The Dog: a hunting animal that obeys his master's commands

  5. The Horse: a tricky talking equine calculator

These exercises will systematically explore the basic conceptual components of a Mindstorms robotic program. A chart you can view here lists these concepts, by category. For each item, there is also a reference to the exercise in which that concept is introduced. Details of the exercise programs are found on the detail pages for each program.

You can download all of the programs above, contained in a single zip file, here.