Course was offered in winter 2016. Next time will be winter 2019.

Required prereq is SEFS 523 that is offered each autumn quarter.

Contact the course instructor: Sharon Doty

Current Topics in Phytoremediation


Wednesdays 10:30-11:20 AM in WFS 105

In this course, we will  first have an overview of phytoremediation, the use of plants to solve environmental pollution problems.  The rest of the meeting times will be presentations of current papers by the students followed by class discussion.  Grading (CR/NC) of this 2-credit course will be based on the student presentation of a paper (this can be a group presentation if desired), two short writing assignments that summarize the papers presented in the first and second halves of the course, and overall class participation in discussions.

Topics to be addressed vary but may include the use of microbial partnerships with plants to aid in remediation of pollutants, the latest in plant biotechnological methods for improving plant degradation of pollutants, phytomining to extract metals from mine tailings, restoration of brownfields (industrial wastelands), and native plants for removing radionuclides.

Although the course is designed for graduate students, advanced undergraduates are welcome to take the course as well.

It is required that students first take ESRM 325/SEFS 523 in autumn quarter to have a strong foundation in phytoremediation methods prior to this Current Topics course.

Course Schedule

Presentation Schedule- Winter Quarter 2016

Jan 6, 2016: Introduction to phytoremediation (Prof. Doty); students sign up for presentation dates and topics