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Pretreatment Experiment

You utilize a series of dogs that have had anesthesia, vagotomy and pretreatment with a drug or drugs that may modify the responses to the standard test drugs or procedures. Because you are familiar with them, the acute changes in blood pressure (increase, decrease or no change) observed in the control experiment, are summarized for you in a table. Next to these, are shown the acute changes in blood pressure caused by the same standard drugs or procedures in an animal pretreated with the drug or drugs listed at the top of the column. Each pretreatment experiment uses a different dog. Assume that the pretreatment drugs are used in doses at least adequate to elicit their most characteristic pharmacological effects. Assume also that all pretreatment drugs act throughout the experiment. The quickest way to figure this out is to notice where the response of a pretreated animal differs from the response of a control animal. Then based on the site and mechanism of the pretreatment drug(s), figure out where and how the pretreatment changes the responses. When you have this in hand, then you are ready to find out if you really understand this stuff by trying the self-evaluation experiments.