Month: May 2011

May 11: A Pacific Northwest Double Header!

A big thanks to everyone that made it out to last week’s Engage talks, given by Julie Shi and Andy McMillan. Next week, our two speakers share a Pacific Northwest focus. Michael Hannam studies how shoreline terrain alters the fates

Quantum Dots: the Good, the Bad, and the…

By Wes Smith May 25, 2011 The movie title The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly is often used to retrospectively detail the complexity of past situations. One emerging field that has potential for this title is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is

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May 25th, Our Final Speaker, Wes Smith

This week will mark the final talk in our 2011 Engage Speaker Series. We would like to thank everyone who made it out to our talks and supported our speakers and Engage. For many of our speakers, this experience was

Seeing Mountains on Molehills: How Shoreline Terrain Affects Seagrasses

By Mike Hannam May 11, 2011 Coastal ecosystems provide critical food production, habitat, and nurseries for the world’s oceans. In these ecosystems, seagrasses play an important role in providing these services. Living at the margin between land and sea, these

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Length Changes in Alaskan Salmon: are we Catching all the Big Fish?

By Neala Kendall May 11, 2011 Sport fishermen and fisherwomen target the big fish. Similarly, commercial fisheries are thought to select big fish. If we catch all the big fish before they spawn, does this mean that the remaining fish

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