Month: March 2015

Robin Banner: Climate Change in Coastal Vietnam

Tuesday 4/14/15, 6:00 pm Downstairs at Town Hall $5; Free for UW Students. More Info Climate change has affected not only the world’s oceans, but the coastal communities relying on them. Oceanography student Robin Banner’s study of coastal science in Vietnam’s

Kelsey Pullar: Revitalizing Youth Bicycle Programs

Thursday 4/2/15, 6:00 pm Downstairs at Town Hall $5; Free for UW Students. More Info Cascade Bicycle Club’s Major Taylor Project attempted to enhance physical activity in underserved youth by engaging them in cycling. Now, University of Washington Public Health student

Fake It Until You Become It: The Transition from Engage Student to Engage Instructor

My stomach knotted as fifteen fresh new Engage students wandered into the classroom at the beginning of the Winter 2015 quarter. I wanted to cross my legs, crouch my shoulders, and make myself small. Just the year before I was

Student Post: Squint at Your Slides

Stella Stylianidou is a physics PhD student at the University of Washington pursuing research in Biophysics. She studies the traffic paths of molecules inside bacteria and how bacteria manage to send those molecules to specific locations before they split into

Student Post: Dealing with Stage Fright

Emily Youngblom is a doctoral student in the Institute of Public Health Genetics at UW. She studies how legal and social workers use genetic tests to figure out whether a child has been abused or if the child actually has