Video: Exploring the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Fisheries by Emma Hodgson


Check out the video of Emma’s Talk! Part of the University of Washington’s Engage Program, Emma Hodgson presented her PhD research on how ocean acidification is impacting fisheries on the west coast. This talk was presented at Town Hall Seattle

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Video: Understanding the Impact of Tidal Turbines on Marine Mammals by Molly Grear


Check out Molly’s talk!   Part of the University of Washington’s Engage Program, Molly Grear presented her PhD research on the impacts that underwater tidal turbines may have on marine mammals like killer whales. This talk was presented at Town

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Video: Understanding the Changing Arctic Ocean by Maddie Smith


Check out the video of Maddie’s talk! Part of the University of Washington’s Engage Program, Maddie Smith presented her PhD research on how melting sea ice and waves are changing and interacting in the Arctic Ocean. This talk was presented

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Molly Grear, Emma Hodgson, and Maddie Smith: Tidal Energy, Ocean Acidification, and Melting Sea Ice

5:30PM, Monday, March 13, 2017 Downstairs at Town Hall (Free – $5) Oceans cover more than 70 percent of our planet’s surface and make up more than 95 percent of earth’s water. The impacts of pollution and global warming on

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Blood of Komodo dragons could provide antibiotic alternative


Meredith uses computers to simulate how molecules move and wiggle. Her calculations might help us get a clearer picture of what these molecules look like and how they act. In January of this year, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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What I got from Engage


Born and grown up in China, Jake is now fourth year PhD student at the Forestry department. Unlike most of his colleagues who grow trees, Chang‘s research is about using trees to make biofuels. He consider himself as an biochemical

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Practicing Imperfection


Emma is a fisheries ecologist interested in understanding how human actions impact marine species, and the fisheries that human communities rely on. More specifically, she studies the impacts of ocean acidification in the California Current, what species are at risk, how the

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Poles Apart


Maddie Smith is a PhD student in the Applied Physics Lab at the University of Washington interested in understanding how waves are impacting changing polar oceans. For her research, she travels to the ends of the world to measure ocean

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The Scientist’s Role in the Anti-Vaccination Movement


My research focuses on developing biomaterials-based strategies to deliver vaccines and other therapeutics that modulate our body’s immune response in order to improve our ability to fight off infections and prevent diseases.   All parents want what is best for

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How not to talk about climate change


Robert studies materials for rechargeable batteries in the materials science department. He focuses on magnesium (Mg) batteries, an experimental alternative to the Li-ion battery in your phone and laptop. Mg has advantages of low cost, high energy density, and improved

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