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Making Vaccines Easier With Microneedles

Rachel Creighton is a graduate student in bioengineering. She is developing a dissolving microneedle patch to deliver vaccines into the cheek, and am studying how changes in the geometry and materials of the microneedles can make the vaccine better at

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VIDEO: Building Heart in a Dish by Jesse Macadangdang

Check out the video of Jesse’s talk! Part of the UW’s Engage Program, Jesse Macadangdang presented his PhD work on Building Heart in a Dish. This talk was presented at Town Hall Seattle as part of the UW Science Now

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Gene Therapy: the Future of Medicine?

By Julie Shi April 27, 2011  Today’s drugs only treat the symptoms of disease rather than the causes. Gene therapy can treat these causes, thereby potentially revolutionizing the future of medicine. By engineering synthetic viruses for gene therapy, we can

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Neuroscience on a Chip

By Jonathan Cheng March 16, 2011 Computers have undergone a revolution in the past half century — they have gotten faster and can process more information in a shorter amount of time. Now, imagine a revolution like this happening in

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