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Video: Exploring the Impact of Ocean Acidification on Fisheries by Emma Hodgson

Check out the video of Emma’s Talk! Part of the University of Washington’s Engage Program, Emma Hodgson presented her PhD research on how ocean acidification is impacting fisheries on the west coast. This talk was presented at Town Hall Seattle

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VIDEO: Can Wildfire Rejuvenate Streams? By Emily Davis

Check out the video of Emily’s talk! Part of the UW’s Engage Program, Emily Davis presented her M.S. research on Rising From the Ashes: Can Wildfire Rejuvenate Streams? This talk was presented at Town Hall Seattle as part of the

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Juliana Houghton: Are We (Noisily) Loving Whales to Death?

>Wed 3/6/13, 6:00 – 7:30pm The Pub at Town Hall $5; Free for UW Students. More Info Our local population of killer whales (Southern Resident community) are endangered and steps are being taken to understand how we can help their

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Fish Out of Water? Salmon and Rapid Environmental Change

By Jennifer Griffiths, on April 19, 2012, 9 PM at Town Hall Seattle Pub. People are captivated by Pacific salmon from California to Alaska. We appreciate their taste, their beauty, the immensity of their migrations, and their role in our economy and

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Migration Patterns of Puget Sound Salmon

Photo copyright Morgan Bond

By Jessica Rohde January 25, 2012, 6 PM, Downstairs at Town Hall Seattle Pacific salmon perform spectacular feats of migration, traveling thousands of miles from their natal river to distant stretches of the Pacific Ocean. Using their sense of the

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Length Changes in Alaskan Salmon: are we Catching all the Big Fish?

By Neala Kendall May 11, 2011 Sport fishermen and fisherwomen target the big fish. Similarly, commercial fisheries are thought to select big fish. If we catch all the big fish before they spawn, does this mean that the remaining fish

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