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English Holly – Welcomed Guest or Escape Artist?

By Andrea Watts, March 1, 2012, 7:30 PM, downstairs at Town Hall Seattle. English holly is being found in rural areas without being deliberately planted, worrying people who want to maintain the integrity of Pacific Northwest forests. Natural resources managers consider

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Seeing Mountains on Molehills: How Shoreline Terrain Affects Seagrasses

By Mike Hannam May 11, 2011 Coastal ecosystems provide critical food production, habitat, and nurseries for the world’s oceans. In these ecosystems, seagrasses play an important role in providing these services. Living at the margin between land and sea, these

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Weeds are More than Plants out of Place: Mechanisms of Plant Invasion

By Rachel Mitchell February 10, 2010 Have you ever wondered why some plants in your garden struggle to become established, while other species rapidly grow, crowding out everything else? Scientists have been pondering the exact same phenomenon, and have termed

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