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Black Market Auction

[15 March 2000]

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Welcome! This site is here to offer people with a unique opportunity to purchase quality, top-notch, underground services and products while maintaining and protecting identities.  This site encourages strangers to do business with one another.  Please read the following Black Market Auction terms and disclaimer. 

Terms and Disclaimer for the Black Market Auction Site:

Sellers assume no responsibility for listing items. Any questions you may have cannot be answered due to the sensitive nature of this business. Auction currency is with major credit card only. Buyer agrees to pay all shipping expenses. All winning bids will place the bidder in a binding and legal obligation to pay the seller. If for any reason the bidder attempts to back out of the contract the seller can and will use excessive force upon the bidder until a sufficient agreement is met between both parties. 

The Black Market Auction Site is monitoring all your actions while visiting this site. No attempt shall be made to shut down, discredit, or fraudulize this site. If the site monitoring system detects any mischief, your computer will be infected with a memory erase virus and will be shut down. 

I agree to to the Black Market Auction Terms and Disclaimer.



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