English 382: Writing for the Web (Fall 2012)

Instructor George Dillon (dillon@u.washington.edu)
Office hours F 11-12 Padelford A404
Time/Location TuTH 2:30-4:20 MGH 076
Text <Required>: Laura Franz, Typographic web design, (Wiley:2011) (and see Website for book)
<Recommended>: David Kadavy, Design <for> Hackers (Wiley: 2011).


This Fall, we will approach writing for the Web as a matter of design, which involves integrating the resources of layout, color, image, and text in making a page. We will focus on writing and critiquing e-essays (aka web pages) of various kinds including place/locale/geography. We will divide our time between the "grammar" of HTML (how to execute various things) and the "rhetoric" of using those things in web pages. Ideally you should know:

RHETORIC: Major general design issues include: