Propagation Protocols for Pacific Northwest Plants

Last Updated 05/31/17

Plant Propagation Protocols

These plant propagation protocols have been produced by students in ESRM 412 (Native Plant Production) at the University of Washington.  These protocols are provided as a service to the restoration and propagation community; please be aware that quality and content may vary.

Species names that are links lead to protocols produced between 2007 and the present.  Names that are not links refer to protocols produced earlier (2003-2006); these protocols are available here.  Please note that many of the earlier protocols have been revised and updated. Protocols that are being actively revised are highlighted in red, and new protocols that are being prepared are highlighted in yellow.

Detailed information about the protocols, including a template, can be found here on the course website.

All species are listed in the USDA Plants database as native to the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, British Columbia).  Each of the following plant life forms is included as a separate table:


 Shrubs and vines (genera from A-L and M-Z)

 Forbs (genera from A-Cn, Co-Ln, Lo-R, and S-Z)

 Graminoids (grasses, sedges, etc.)