Earth and Space Sciences 502, Winter 2016
The Solid Earth

Instructor: Ken Creager

Office: ATG 222
Office Hours: by appointment
Telephone: 685-2803

Tentative Schedule: Subject to change as we go:

Note that course materials (as pdf files) are linked to the right.
Jan 5 Lecture 1; read Fowler Ch 3
Jan 7 Lecture 2: Earth's Magnetic Field; read Vine and Matthews

Jan 12 Lecture: Standard Model
Jan 14 Discuss: Vine and Matthews (Homework 1: Vine and Mathews due)

Jan 19 Lecture Tomography (Homework 2: Magnetics due); read Fowler Ch 7
Jan 21  Tomography continued

Jan 26 Lecture Heatflow
Jan 27 Lecture Heatflow

Feb 2 Discuss Grand et al. (Homework 3 due)
Feb 4 Lecture Gravity

Feb 9 Discuss Plate Motions Paper: Lithgow-Bertelloni and Richards (Answers to study questions due)
Feb 11 Lecture on Geoid and Plate Motion Modeling

Feb 16 Lecture on Geoid and Plate Motion Modeling, deep earthquakes and Cascadia Tectonics
Feb 18 Student Presentations on layered vs whole mantle convection
Feb 19 2:30 Read Wells et al. 1998; small group discussion and class discussion

Feb 23 No Class
Feb 25 No Class

Mar 1 Read Peacock or Preston or Hacker on Intermediate-focus earthquakes; discuss outside class and then in groups in class
Mar 3 Read Bostock, Blakely, Audet on Serpentine Wedge; discuss outside class and then in groups in class

Mar 8 Read Rogers and Ide or Wech or Peng on Tremor and slow slip; same process as above
Mar 10 Read/discuss Houston, Royer, or Schmandt
Mar 11 2:30 Read/discuss Wiens, Atwater, VanWagoner, Hotovec

Mar 14 (1:30-2:00) Group Presentations  (Finals week)
Mar 15 (1:30-3:00) Group Presentations  (Finals week)
Mar 18 Final Papers due
Course Syllabus
How To Read Sci Article
How To Review Sci Article
Lecture 1
Homework #1 Vine&Mathews
Earth Magneitic Field continued
Lecture 2 Earth Magneitic Field
Homework #2 Magnetics
Scientific Writing Guidlines
Magnetic Field Reversal Movie
Tomography Lecture
CIDER Seismo Garnero
Grand et al
Homework #3 Heat & Grand paper
Anderson 2001
Lecture Heat Flow