ESS 595, Spring 2009
Keeping Up with Glaciers: The Mainstream Scientific Press on the Cryosphere

Instructor: Ed Waddington
Email: edw at

Office: ATG 715
Office Hours: by arrangement
Telephone: 206 543 4585

Student Leader
T.J. Fudge   tjfudge at

Meeting Times and Locations

Meeting Time: Thursday 1:30-3:00, ATG 406

We meet once each week for about 1.5 hours. Each week, all participants will read some selected articles, and two participants will be responsible for leading discussion of the chosen materials.


Both scientists and the public are paying increasing attention to how glaciers and other forms of ice are changing.  This seminar will focus on keeping current with the major issues in glaciology by reading articles in Science and Nature from the past year.

Recommended preparation

Interest in the cryosphere.

First Week Reading: Antarctic Warming

Paper Suggestions
Suggested Papers on Google Docs