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Genome 453


If you find you're getting stale files from this web site, my best advice is to close and reopen your browser.

[2017/10/03] The correct date of the final exam is December 13. The syllabus has now been updated to reflect this. The timing is unchanged at 2:30pm-4:20pm.

[2017/10/17] The equation sheet for the midterm is now available.

[2017/10/18] Practice problem set 1 is now available, as well as an answer key. These problems are for your own study purposes; I will not collect or grade them. Many are previous exam questions, so they are a guide to what the exam will be like. My apologies for the one practice question in which I wrote $h$ for $h^2$; it's fixed now.

[2017/11/3] Midterm mean 72.6, range 35-92. The key is now available. If you believe there is a grading error please let me know right away.

[2017/11/9] Practice problem set 2 is now available, as well as an answer key. It includes the entire 2016 final exam.

[2017/12/1] If you want HW9 returned in class on December 8 (last regular class), turn it in by 4:00 pm December 7.

[2017/12/18] An answer key for the final exam is available.