Assignment 1

Good and Bad Visualizations

Assignment 2

Static Visualization Critique

Assignment 3

Exploratory Data Analysis

Reading Responses

Our suggested guidance for reading response comments:

Please provide a thoughtful and critical assessment of each assigned reading. Reading responses should be approximately 150-250 words in length, and should address one or more aspects of the reading, such as:

  • The importance/goal of the work, description of the major findings, or the author's viewpoint, etc.
  • Critical analysis/commentary on the work.
  • A consideration of how the work fits with other themes of the class or your own research interests, other projects you've been involved in, etc.
  • 1-2 open-ended and thoughtful questions for discussion.

Final Project

Project Guidelines


  • 1: Initial project proposal.
  • 2: Revised project proposal based on feedback from initial proposal.
  • 3: In-class midterm presentations.
  • 4: In-class final project presentations.
  • 5: Final paper and deliverable due.