By Robert Lee


What I liked about this web page was the words that she described each image. Painting a picture in the viewers mind. I like how she walks you through Italy and describes the walls, streets and monuments. It made me want to go travel to Italy and check out the places she was describing.

No way to go back to the home page. There was an annoying pop up in the beginning of the page that just doesn't belong there. Also no reference to Jody Zellen and her work. Last page took you to Ghost City which doesn't make sense.

What I would do:
I would've created an about page or have it link to her person page so viewers can know who created this site, so Jody can get credit for her work. I would also organize the images and words. Also rewrite the whole code in CSS and maybe add some minor audio in the background that gets the mind thinking about the Italy. Also have the option of going back home or to the previous page. Also use some standard DOCTYPE because it wasn't mentioned in any of her code.

Google Reference:
There's about 87 references to "Random Paths" by Jody Zellen. Each talks about Random Paths and her work in other areas like photography, books and installations.

Personal webpage: