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[Nisin Lwai]

Stereotypes are false perceptions and generalizations about groups that tend to be negative. Out of all groups, minorities tend to get stereotyped the most. Asian Americans are one of the groups that have to go through it everyday. One of the most prevalent stereotypes is that they are "model minorities."

To be a model minority, you must be more educated than any other group, work hard to get good, reliable jobs, make decent amounts of money, and even be a model for all other minorities. Asian Americans are known for being good in math, science, accounting, and anything else related to math. However, they are not known as being verbally talented even though there are many great Asian American writers and English teachers. Another common misconception is that Asian American parents are strict, pressure their kids to do well in everything, and even beat them if they fail. Doesn�t every parent want their kid to do well in everything?

Non-Asian groups often say, "All Asians are the same," which means that they cannot tell Asian Americans apart based on their appearances. �All Asian Americans are foreigners� is the second thing that non-Asian groups say even though many Asian American families who have been U.S. citizens for several generations. Asian men are known as being weak and feminine, and Asian women are thought of as passive and caretakers of their men.

Banana, twinkie, chink, and fob are just a few of the many names that Asian Americans are called. Banana and twinkie are for Asian Americans who are more assimilated than other Asian Americans. It means that you are yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Chink is more for East Asians since they tend to have smaller eyes. Fob refers to people who are "fresh off the boat" and not accustomed to America yet. All these prejudices are wrong and lead to racism, but they still do and always will exist.

[Examining Racist Love]

This site has information about all the different stereotypes that Asian Americans go through. It is trying to inform us about how the different races look at Asian Americans. The topics include how Asian men and women are being perceived, model minorities, and racial violence. All the topics are just summarizations and just introduce us to the subjects.

The website overall is good. It uses style sheets and tables, is unified in style, and is easy in navigation. It also has many great graphics and internal & external links. The site has very bold colors and different fonts which attracts attention. The HTML use on the site is not too simple or difficult for a person like me, who doesn�t know HTML well, to imitate.

The website has a basic layout and I enjoyed it but there are some suggestions for improvements. Even though the colors attract attention, I think it is too dark and needs to be something that is easier to read. The topics are intended to be just summarizations but they need more information.


[Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America]

The purpose of the site is to educate those who would like to know more about Asian Americans, provide general and specific information about different topics and issues that affect the Asian American community and identify other sources of information related to Asian Americans.

This site serves as a concise but comprehensive information resource on the Asian American community. It is like an online version of Asian American History. The overall content of the site is great and very educational. For a person who doesn�t know much about Asian Americans, this would be a great site to start at.

Topics & category of the site include:

The use of HTML on this site is great. Unlike, Examining Racist Love, I don�t think I can imitate it easily. It would take time and experience. The site uses style sheets, is unified in style, and is quite easy in navigation. There are many links within the website and links to outside sites. There are also banners, tables, graphics, a search engine within the site that I found useful, and a message board. The colors and design of the site are very pleasing and easy on the eye.

I like this site very much, and I don�t have any suggestions for improvements. The web designer did a very good job. The site has a very simple design without being too boring or dull. I recommend taking a look at it.


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