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It would be impossible to imagine a single subculture or ethnicity without stereotypes. As a population, the United States carries with it a melting pot of diversity that lends itself to over generalized thoughts and beliefs. One type of stereotype revolves around what may be thought of as �white.� I would like to examine two particular websites that have addressed these issues.

[White Trash: The Construction of an American Scapegoat]

This website gives a brief summary of the stereotypes of the working white class. Its content describes some of the beliefs of this subculture and the coined terms that exist. On a positive note, the website has backed up its claims with quotes from various sources. It is fairly comprehensive and user-friendly, giving an introduction and separate pages that are easily navigated. It has chosen to look at the media as a source of the stereotypes which is quite interesting. However, the website identifies this subculture in a generalized way. It uses the term �white working class� which could relate to a greater population that may not suggest the stereotype at all.

The layout of the website is linear with reference points at the bottom of the page for easy navigation. The content is not too overwhelming in length. The black and white color scheme may be related to the content but is also sort of bland. However, the home page has chosen an interesting way of representing the names called of whites. Also, there could be more links on the website to other sites or ideas.


[Liberation - Autobiography]

This website is much less informative. It starts out giving a quote from an unknown source about the supremacy of whites, which leads into a few paragraphs about white stereotypes. The paragraphs are grossly over-generalized and their claims are not backed by out citing or a bibliography. Also, the line of thinking is difficult to follow and unclear. It discusses ideas such as the �white standard,� internalized oppression, survival techniques and racism of whites. The author uses their own voice to make claims without and arguments beyond experience or opinion. They have spoken for the ethnicity as a whole without considering counterarguments as well.

The layout of the page needs a little work as well. The color scheme does not have a real aesthetic appeal. It uses a simple green and yellow. Also, the picture of the �Lawrence Tree� does not clue the viewer into its significance with a caption. Also, the alignment of the page is justified in a strange way. There is a table to separate the paragraphs from the picture and e-mail address but as you scroll down, the content is aligned completely to the left with nothing on the right. The page feels as if it is weighted too heavily on the left. There are a few links to other cites such as the home page and other related pages written by the author which are somewhat helpful. The purpose of the site is not completely understood by the viewer however. Overall, this website is not very educational and its layout needs work.


March of the Titans: A History of the White Race
RACE TRAITOR: Journal of the New Abolitionism
American-Austrian Society
Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, USA Inc.
Irish-American Information Service