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Hannibal Crossing the Alps

     Throughout ancient history, wars have plagued the earth. A few that may come to mind are the Punic Wars. These wars were fought over pure hatred and grudges held by one side against the other. The Carthaginians and Romans were probably the two fiercest contenders during their time period. Both were expanding their empires rapidly and it was only natural for them to engage in a war (or three). Both empires had their famous leaders. The Scipio family in Rome and the Barca family in Carthage were both very important people in the Punic Wars. Hannibal Barca is one of the most known Carthaginian general in history. One of the, if not the, greatest feats of Hannibal was his journey over the Alps into Italy. Two thousand years later, we can tell from ancient sources and research exactly how and where Hannibal crossed the Alps. However, to understand how this was done, one might say that only through Hannibal's personality and character was the journey across the Alps possible.

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