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This site is a look into internet-related crime, specifically, hacking, cyberethics, and intellectual property rights. The purpose of this glimpse into cybercrime is intended to raise a collective eyebrow regarding the 'new' technology of the internet, and the consequences of such advances

There will always be groups created to undermine the majority rule, resulting in anarchist and socialist groups. In terms of the internet, hackers have grown into a strikingly resilient force attempting to undermine the collective. Brian's look into hacking, resulted in a synopsis of the incarceration of Kevin Mitnick, Hacker Extraordinaire. What does this mean for other hackers who are creating viruses and breaking into national security for more than curiosity?

Heather looks into cyberethics, namely, predators of the web. The internet provides a more anonymous 'playground' for sexual predators. Where they would normally lurk in shadows, offering candy to lure their victims, they can now hide in shadows of firewalls and username aliases in the comfort of their own homes. See cyber predators for additional information, and a disturbing article on Saul Dos Reis.

Finally, what is the US government doing about cybercrime? Jenne Knight looks into intellectual property laws and the sentencing of Eric Miller.

These three cybertopics explore websites pertaining to these up-and-coming issues, relate the information to you, dear reader, and we ask you, 'What is the next step in the evolution of internet-related technology?'

What cybercrimes are not strictly black and white? What issues reside in the gray? Are cybercrimes sentenced justly? Are they the same as 'tangible' crimes committed in the streets (as in the case of our sexual predators)? Or are they different, as in the cases of hacking and copyright infringement?