< Saul Dos Reis >

aka 'Hot es 300'

< Description >

Date of Birth: 02/22/1976

Place of Birth: Brazil

Nationality: Brazilian

Sex: Male

Race: Hispanic

Hair: Black

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 190lbs

Complexion: Medium

Build: Heavy

Scars & Marks: None Known

Status: Illegal Immigrant

Residence: Greenwich, CT

Occupation: Restaurant Worker

Remarks: Dos Reis is currently serving a 30 year term for the online luring, rape and murder of a 13 year old. He is Inmate # 14688-014 at the Donald W. Wyatt Correctional Center in Central Falls, R.I. He has continued to seek online and written correspondence with women from behind bars and it is strongly recommended that no contact be made with him due to the high risk of being victimized by him upon his release.


< the crime >

Between the dates April 28 and May 17 2002, 26 year Saul Dos Reis, pictured on the right in a courtroom sketch, engaged in several graphic and sexually explicit conversations with 13 year old Christina Long, below, over the internet. He first found her in a chat room, they began talking frequently and it was learned that they had met for sexual contact several times before May 17, the day she disappeared. The authorities were notified when Christina failed to meet her aunt at their agreed meeting place and time that night. A search of Christina’s computer revealed that she had been engaging in several inappropriate online relationships with other men, and had been meeting with them for sex. In one email from a man who called himself Hot es300, it was discovered that she had planned to meet him at the mall the night she disappeared. Investigators soon traced the email to Saul Dos Reis, who lead police to her body on May 20, 2002. She was strangled during sex in Saul’s car, in the parking lot of the Danbury Fair mall. Dos Reis pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter and federal charges of using the Internet to entice a minor for sex. He was convicted of those charges and sentenced to 30 years in state prison. Three decades behind bars has not phased his predatory nature. Shortly after his incarceration, Dos Reis set up a personal ad on a webpage seeking female correspondence while in prison. In the ad, he claims that he is only serving time for second-degree assault, coincidently forgetting to mention his first-degree manslaughter and two counts of second-degree sexual assault. After learning of his true conviction, Inmate.com yanked the ad.

< the law >

18 U.S.C. 2425
In October 1998, President Clinton signed a bill into law making it a federal offense to use any means of interstate or foreign commerce, like a telephone line or the internet, to contact any person with intent to lure a child into unlawful sexual activity. This offense carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in federal prison and the person who initiates the unlawful contact can be both fined and incarcerated for up to five years.

18 U.S.C. 1470
This statute makes it a felony to knowingly transfer obscene media to a child under the age of 16, including by means of interstate or foreign commerce and including the Internet. The maximum punishment for committing this violation is ten years in jail.

47 U.S.C. 223
If a person uses a telephone or telecommunications device to harass, or threaten any person at the called number, they have committed a federal crime, punishable by up to two years in prison and fined not more than $100,000.

< community sites >

:Working to Halt Online Abuse:
Description: WHOA develops website resources to educate the online community. They have created a comprehensive list of a safe and unsafe sites with the objective of empowering users to make informed decisions. Information is provided about protecting yourself from harassment. WHOA also develops voluntary policies that aid systems administrators to create a harassment free online environments. This is a site founded by women.

Description: This site was constructed by a non-profit group that aims to assist victims of cyberstalking, online harassment and threats. It also functions to educate, inform and takes a stand against internet predators.

:National Center for Victims of Crime:
Description: The National Center for Victims of Crime has a toll-free national hotline, through which support and referrals are provided to victims. Victims of abuse are referred to services in their community that can provide crisis intervention, counseling, support groups or even assistance with the criminal justice process. Bulletins are also published by the NCVC; topics range from sexual assault and stalking to domestic violence.

Description: This is an resource for that strives to help kids use the internet safely through the support and education of their caregivers. There is a handy directory of online safety tools and most importantly guides to internet safety. Most importantly, GetNetWise provides viewers with directions for reporting trouble they encounter online.

:International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists:
Description: Volunteer law enforcement professionals in the field of forensic computer science come together to form the non-profit corporation of IACIS. They offer professional training to law enforcement agencies to train them in computer crime investigation techniques. The IACIS site functions as a network for law enforcement officers who specialize in computer forensics and helps fund and endorse research to develop computer programs for forensic investigators.

:Privacy Rights Clearinghouse:
Description: Learn how to protect your personal privacy from the PRC and their advocacy program. Services include, but are not limited to a hotline to report privacy abuse. Visitors my also request information about privacy protection, receive tips, fact sheets and guidance in determining whether or no they are a victim of a stalker.