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aka Marty

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Date of Birth: August 6, 1963

Place of Birth: Chicago

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Kevin Mitnick is known as one of the most famous hackers in the world. His hacks range from duping telecom companies to accessing pentagon computers from college networks. Mitnick was last arrested on February 15, 1995 and charged with breaking into some of the United State’s most secure computers. Kevin spent several years in jail for his crimes. His arrest caused an outrage in the internet and hacking community. Netizens could not believe that he was being incarcerated for non-lethal or harmful crimes. Kevin says that the majority of his “crimes” were done out of pure curiosity, and no files were deleted or altered in any way. No money was stolen even though he had many opportunities. Kevin was placed into maximum security prisons and even kept in solitary confinement without the use of a telephone. Prosecutors argued that he could start a nuclear war just by whistling into the telephone. Kevin was prohibited from using internet connected computers until January 21, 2003. A community of websites rose up in defense of Kevin. Sites such as www.freekevin.com protested his arrest. They created Free Kevin bumper stickers and signs to show support for him. Many other sites started because of this controversy. Below is a collection of sites concerning the crimes and incarceration of Kevin Mitnick as well as other hackers along with our group’s opinion on their content, design, delivery method, and credibility in the community.

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:Free Kevin:
Description: This site is the official Free Kevin campaign site. During Kevin’s incarceration this site contained information about the court case as well as ways to support Kevin. The site has been left up virtually untouched January 2002. Many of the links to articles surrounding his incarceration are dead. The only update made has been an advertisement for his new book which was posted in December of 2003.

:Take Down:
Description: This site is another story about the chase leading up to the arrest and incarceration of Kevin Mitnick. The site is owned and ran by Tsutomu Shimomura, one of the people Kevin stole information from. The site is very interesting because if lets you actually see what Kevin saw when he was hacking the machines. The site was created using Netscape Navigator's WYSIWYG editor. The design uses tables to control the flow of the site. The colors chosen make it difficult to read the body content. It uses grey text on a grey background. The best part of this site is watching these automated telnet sessions. It makes the reader feel like they are actually hacking into the systems.

:The Kevin Mitnick ... Affair:
Description: This site is owned and maintained by Chris Gulker, a silicon valley technician. The site gives a rundown on the entire conflict between Tsutomu Shimomura and Kevin. The site was last updated in September of 2001. Its presentation is very straight forward and uses no special HTML techniques. This page also has several links to other sites surrounding Kevin Mitnick.

www.totse.com/en/hack/ legalities_of_hacking/163444.html
Description: This is a very interesting page written by Agent Steal, another famous hacker who was incarcerated for 41months because of hacking. The page explains many of the legal procedures following the prosecution of a hacker. The article continues to explain the differences between the security levels of prisons and how to act in a particular prison.