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Is it 1984?

While we may still be a ways away from Orwell's 1984, many people are beginning to express more concern over the growing invasion of cameras and surveillance into our lives. People have chosen to investigate and explore the implications of a world blanketed in Surveillance for many years.

Orwell created one vision of the future that has captivated the minds of the American public for years. In turn, people have turned to the media at hand to create books, movies and now websites to explain, explore, ridicule and make a profit off of the growing paranoia over increased surveillance. Currently, many people are looking to the Web to find information and answers to surveillance questions. The web has proven to be a unique medium allowing users to find surveillance books, products, movies and humor all at the click of a button. Hopefully just not at work while your employer is watching from their PDA down the street at the local coffee Wi-Fi spot.

David Brin is working on a new science fiction novel that addresses this growing concern and recently published part of it as an article in Wired magazine. In the article He presents the future possibilities of two cities. In one city the government controls all of the cameras and surveillance to monitor and control the people in the city. In the other city, the people control all of the cameras and use the surveillance to better their lives and prevent crime. In this city, Brin even hypothesizes that the people will survey the government to ensure they are being properly and fairly governed. Between these extremes, there is a whole spectrum of websites projecting nearly every future in between.