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this website attempts to create some sort of negative look at the american immigration department, but falls short. the language used in the website is too simple, and provides no purely authoritative voice to provide any sort of substantial perspective with which to compare the voices of the dispossessed.

i'm disappointed at the result of this website, as i'm sure that the collaborators spent a lot of time and energy on creating a work of digital art that would rival spoken word poetry. this website could definitely have included additional perspective, along with a more dynamic vocabulary and writing style. it's sad to see a technical writer and artist fall short on something where the idea is strong in theory.

'if twere mine to do over...' i would develop the stories and alleged 'quotes' of the dispossessed. as it stands, the stories sound trivial and i have no idea why i should feel sorry for them, other than they are being deported (or dying pathetically in the desert). in addition, i would add better sound, perhaps of actual people talking about their situations, their treatment, their imprisonment, their what-have-you. the web isn't all about show. it's also about text, and creators of webart have to remember that text can make or break the accuracy and believability of a website.

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