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What does the audience need to know before visting? How do we put this website into context? What sort of information is vital to understanding tuesday afternoon?

Up to this point, I have brought my own sour opinion of the site into this 'critical presentation.' However, for those interested in visiting tuesday afternoon, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

The reasons why I feel that this website does not live up to it's supposed greatness (the award in particular), is because there is no site accreditation. If we are to take this seriously, I believe that we should be given adequate background information (to put it into proper context). Otherwise, we may believe that this website was put together by children or extremely radical groups. Knowing that two professors created this look into the downside of immigration laws, I view the website with an altered perspective. Secondly, the site does not back the audience into a corner, where it tells us that this is the way that it is; that, take it or leave it, the immigration laws exist to serve the rich, and keep the poor repressed (or oppressed). This is implied, but never actually stated, which is frustrating. If these two professors/activists are going to produce a website intending to provoke some sort of change, they must realize that the audience must have an emotional response! With TA, we're never provoked into some sort of emotional response.

Furthermore, visiting websites such as 79 Days and AKAkurdistan will give some background to the plight of immigrants. The images used in these two websites convey the turmoil experienced by the Serbs and the Kurds (respectively).

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