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tuesday afternoon is constructed in quicktime, utilizing audio, video, and text. trebor scholz describes the site as an 'easily accessible screen-based hypermedia project. Landscape is experienced as site (sic) of discrimination and even death. Using sound, text, and video, the game-like structureo of tuesday afternoon goes beyond the point-and-click and makes each visitor's navigation of the piece unique.'

the site opens to an image of the united states-mexico border with a caption set in bold across the image. By clicking on this image, the audience is launched into a game-like setting, where he can choose his way along the path that flax and scholz have constructed. it is not imperative to the site to read each story in a particular order, leaving the audience to choose their way through. however, since the path is linear, we tend to move from top to bottom in a more logical progression. thus, one could classify this structure as a more logical example of a 'hypertext garden.'

the main use of sound on the website is the sound of footprints on gravel or other hard surface. in the background are the rumblings of thunder or high wind in a microphone, conveying a feeling of isolation and desperation. the audience is repeatedly subjected to hearing this sound of travelling feet, and by the end of the piece, we are struggling to cross any border necessary in order to get away.

the site tends to utilize a cross between street and technical language. at times, the narrators want to convey a higher way of speaking to the audience, thus creating an informative, authoritative tone. at other points in the piece, the audience is spoken to from dialect (with some use of slang). Stories are told from a first person perspective, which aims at pulling the readers into a cathartic bond with the vitims at the mercy of the INS.

for those looking for an objective look at the us immigration politic, you need not look here. this site is filled with perspective and bias. this website is not academically informative, omitting any and all statistic in an effort to maximize a subjective emotional response. however, this site works best as an artistic medium, where ideas regarding the INS are made in a new and artistic manner.

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