Farmer's Market

By: Sumner Ohye - 8.19.2004
Farmer's Market
The University District Farmer's Market opened in 1993. It servers the community with fresh selection of organic (and non) fruits and vegetables, along with flowers. The market is open on Saturdays during the summer months, on the corner of 50th and University Way. It provides a friendly neighborhood event that helps both parties. The Farmer's Market is just one of the many             events in the U-District that add to the comradely and                              closeness it has to offer.
Miss University District was started in the 1950s. The winner would go on to represent the district in the "Seafair Queen contest." The District still has its share of parades, there is the annual University District Parade. This
particular event has been around for the last 35 years. Granted today's parades are a lot more sophisticated, but the same fundamentals exist that were present. To turn theU-District into a community.