Declared Purpose

When first visiting the site, the title on the picture tries to tell you its purpose. From the image I gathered that the site was going to show me the who, what, when, where, why, and how of escaping from Silicon Valley.

At first I didn't notice that there was supposed to be a popup window along with the image on the front page because my popup blocker killed it. The popup adds a little more context to the site by displaying the author's opinion about Silicon Valley.

As you traverse through the site, he focuses on all of the negative things that make up Silicon Valley. When you visit the "why" section of the web site it describes a nice, pristine suburbia that seems to be driving him crazy.

Possible Intended Purpose

I think the real purpose of this web site is to give the author, Kevin Cook, an opportunity to express his disdain for Silicon Valley while at the same time giving a virtual tour of the nature rich areas surrounding the city and urging people to stop driving in order to help the environment.


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