Images and Text

All of the images and text that are used on this site seem to be the property of the author, Kevin Cook. However, this cannot be confirmed because it is not explicitly stated anywhere on the site.

As you will notice, many of the pictures include his bicycle. This leads me to believe that the images on this site that they were gathered over time during bicycle trips that Kevin has taken to the areas surrounding Silicon Valley. Perhaps it is even an ongoing project of his.

The pictures of the city also seem to be taken by Kevin Cook. They are all pictures of cars, structures, and other aspects of Silicon Valley that he sees as negative and most of the time he includes an explanation of why he thinks so.

Sound and Video

There was only one instance of sound used on this web site. It is used in the background to enhance his message saying that he has had enough.

No video content is yet included as a part of this site. Perhaps if this is an ongoing project video might later be included to help show the better parts of Silicon Valley and its surrounding areas.


I'm not sure what the purpose was of adding sound to a single page, but I feel it adds more confusion to the site than help.