Site Structure

Pages) This web site has a total of 78 internal HTML pages. I know that the site does have a few links to external pages, but I was unable to determine how many actually exist.

Layout) It is very hard to get a clear picture of the overall web site layout. Each page seems to have a similar layout or having a picture with a small amount of text accompanying it.

The majority of the pages in this web site are html tables with some javascript to create a popup and other effects. There is very minimal use of CSS anywhere on this web site and no use of flash. There is, however, one page that uses QuickTime to enable a sound clip to play.

Organization) Site Diagram: From the main page you are offered 6 links from which to navigate the site. Each link leads to a different section of the web site. Unfortunately, starting at the top and following the links on the different pages doesn't lead you through the entire web site, which makes it very hard to navigate.

Structure: Overall this site has a mixture of different structure types. The front page and the sites file structure looks like a hierarchical structure, however, the links on the pages do not follow this structure and make it more like a web. It is definitely not a linear structure because following the links on the pages do not allow you to see the entire site.

Connections: Short narratives are placed with some of the pictures to help guide you and explain his thoughts along the way. The majority of the pages consist of a picture with a link leading to the next place.

In my opinion, the way this site is organized makes it very hard to navigate efficiently. I found that some links lead you in loops while others take you to a different site altogether. This can be very frustrating if you are pressed for time.

Navigation) Overview: At first glance, the site seems like it has a fairly simple navigation. It divides the site into 6 sections that you can tour at your leisure. However, once you enter one of those sections, you are forced to follow the path that Kevin Cook, the author, has created.

Menu: Once you have gotten past the first page of the web site, there is no menu bar or site navigation to speak of. You are forced to follow a main path through the site. One nice feature is that you are given the choice of where to go next, in some cases. Sort of like a "choose your own adventure" book.

Thoughts: I believe that the menu and navigation style that he has chosen is sufficient for the purpose of this site.
However, the way the pages are linked together causes users to miss a lot of the site content, which in my opinion makes this navigation flawed.


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  • Total Links: unknown
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