A Look at Chained Displacements

Strong Points

Suggested Changes

If this were my site to redesign, I wouldn't change much. I think the site may be intimidating at first visit because its navigation can take a while to figure out. However I do believe this displacement the reader feels when they attempting to navigate helps the reader understand the situation at these Gaza Checkpoints. So in my "redo" instead of changing the flow of the site, I'd make it so you'd actually have to click in order to change pages, rather then the current rollover version. The site is also lacking in textual content. While the pictures have great meaning, the site can only gain from having more information on the subject. The main thing I'd like to see changed would be the addition of more sections of the site, and more content in those sections.

What Google Has to Say

When using the Google search engine and the phrase "Chained Displacements" (with quotes) is entered, approximately 102 links are displayed. However Google does filter out repeats and there are about 16 pertinent links. The use of quotes in the query restricts it to searching for the two words being right next to each together, thus eliminating many of false links or bad search results.

The majority of these links have to deal with women's activist pages, issues relating to human rights, the treatment of the Palestinians by the Israeli soldiers, and information about Horit Herman-Peled herself.

Google's Similar Pages

The following list is a description of the pages that Google thinks are similar to the Chained Displacements web site.

Gaza checkpoint 2000-1-2 - web.macam98.ac.il/~horit_a/2002.swf
This is another portion of the Chained Displacement sites. It deals with the Gaza Checkpoints in the year 2000. It uses flash and shows many interesting images.

Gaza Checkpoint 1998 - web.macam98.ac.il/~horit_a/1998.swf
This site is the same as the previous however it is for the year 1998.

Hard Place - www.tenement.org/HardPlace
This site shows drawings of INS detention centers across the country. The site advocates human rights in the detention centers. The images found on the site were created from drawings and descriptions from people who have visited or have been help in these centers.

Right2Fight Police Violence - www.molodiez.org/right2fight/
This site is an activist site surrounding the issue of police violence. It contains pictures of protests and demonstrations against these issues.

We Are All Boat People - www.boat-people.org
The "We are all Boat People" campaign was created because of the refugee laws surrounding Australia. They discuss issues dealing with refugees and how they are looked upon by the public.

WITNESS is a site dealing with human rights throughout the entire world. Their goal is to use technology such as images, video and audio to inform the world of the mistreatment of fellow human beings.