A Look at Chained Displacements

Structure of the Site

There is no clear navigational structure. The site starts off with what seems to be a linear structure but quickly switches to what seems like random links. The biggest problem I see with this site would be that it uses multiple servers. Because of this there are several redundant pages with slightly different content. For example Page A links to Page B. Page C Links to what looks like Page B, however its really a completely different page on a different server with very slight difference in content. This makes it very confusing to find the link you are trying to navigate to.


Chained Displacements allows used a very interesting form of navigation. Rather than using standard underlined links which you click on, the site uses flash rollovers. The site uses the ">>" or "<<" symbol to indicate a link, much like the controls at the bottom of this page. There is little or no clicking of your mouse throughout the site. When you roll your mouse over a picture of link symbol, the page will automatically change. This is not the best form of control since I often moved my mouse over a "link" before I've finished reading the page.


Chained Displacements uses a variety of media to express its purpose and relay it's message. The site is a hybrid using both Flash and HTML. The site uses a DOCTYPE of HTML 4.0 Transitional and implements the CSS 2.0 standard. The author uses inline style entered into each individual tag rather than a separate *.css style sheet. This method makes editing and search the code much more difficult. Since all the pages on the site are rather small in content despite their great meaning, a single global style sheet would provide consistent results across all the pages.