»Lower East Side Tenement Museum


There are two external links from the virtual tour site, one is to download the QuickTime player that is used by the site, and the other is to download Real Player. There are internal links to each of five apartments on the tour, each apartment consists of three rooms and there are between two and five informative links for each. There are an additional nine internal menu links for visiting other portions of the museum's site, as well as five links for background information.

There is a minimal use CSS, extensive Javascript, QuickTime, and Real Audio. There is extensive use of tables, minimal use of div's, and an image map on the front-page. The code seems like a strange hybrid of old and new styles. The layout is essentially identical for all the major pages on the tour.

The site is organized more like a narrative than anything else. The viewer is told the history of immigration to New York's lower eastside through the story of the building and the lives of a selection of one-time tenants. There is an entry link on an image of the building and from there viewers are led step-by-step on a virtual tour that includes both dilapidated interiors as well as those that have been refinished.

A site map is not provided and navigation is controlled through a combination of menu bars and forward and back buttons. For the most part, navigation is both explicit and intuitive. 'Jumping-in' mid-tour is possible form the front page and out of order viewing is possible through out.