»Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Images and Text

Images appear to come from a wide variety of sources. There are contemporary photos as well as photos from the mid 1800's. Some appear to be commercial while the families that lived in the building took others. There are both contemporary and historical renderings by artists that compliment the photographs. In addition to images that depict the building's interior and exterior, there are photos of the surrounding area, photos that illustrate tenants lives outside of the building, documentation of possessions, and photos of specific family histories. Finally, there is a series of photographs that depict the excavation and renovation process that has turned this site into a museum.

The text basically reads like a brochure. It is informative and to the point, providing a cornucopia of facts about the site's (building not web) history. The boxes that the majority of the text is found in are both cumbersome and unnecessary. The wildly varying font styles serve most often to complicate and confuse. While the content is strong the presentation leaves much to be desired.