»Lower East Side Tenement Museum


The language of the site is fairly elementary. Words that may be unfamiliar to the viewer, such as "immigrants" and other key phrases, can be selected; these terms are then explained more thoroughly though dialogue boxes. The background information necessary for understanding the site is quite significant. Certain assumptions are made about the site's audience. These assumptions are most striking on the tour's first page where the narrator introduces 97 Orchard Street and the Lower East Side without mentioning a country or even a state. This sort of introduction is unacceptable. The first page to greet viewers should explain the largest, most basic facts and promote curiosity to peruse the rest of the site. Another obvious prerequisite should be to generate a sense of formality and significance that the information being revealed is important. Here, again, the museum fails to impress viewers with the necessary context of authorship and relevance to contemporary visitors. Several other websites give a synopsis of what this site entails far more eloquently than the museum's own central tour page. The museum is a resource for preserving and conserving history, and, as a result, the tone of the information is educational.