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The Future of Nuclear Weapons
Sy Nakao, Columnist

The site for The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is pretty good overall. Informative, organized, and pleasing to the eye, this site is definitely a "keeper". The site has three main purposes. The first is to inform the public about current nuclear weapons issues, and speculate how these issues will affect the future of the world using the Doomsday Clock. The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 as a countdown to a nuclear Armageddon, or 12 midnight. The clock has been set forward and back, depending on the current state of international security. The second purpose of the site is to sell their political views on nuclear policy to the general public. The third purpose of the site is to raise donations and sell their magazine and merchandise.

These purposes are accomplished partly because of professional use of HTML. The overall look of the site is very simple and clean with a layout that reads much like a newspaper, or a magazine (which would make sense since they are trying to sell their magazine). This is indicative of external style-sheet use. Navigational bars seen throughout each section of the site makes it easy to navigate. The layout is more of a gridded high-rise than a garden to eliminate confusion and allow the audience to choose which parts of the site he/she would like to view.

The various parts of the site come together to create a message that the nuclear issues of today ultimately affect the outcome of the future. The Doomsday Clock ties the entire page together: its logo is posted on every page. Of course different parts are there to sell its magazine and merchandise, and receive donations.

This site could be improved vastly if they provide links to all articles rather than leaving a few with only front page summaries. This would make the site much more informative. Then again, this could be a ploy to encourage their website audience to buy the actual magazine. I mean, who would buy a magazine if you could just read everything off the website. Another improvement the site could make would be to have a common style throughout all parts of the site. A few sections under the "Magazine" category, such as "Back Issues" and "Nuclear Notebook," have a different layout. If all parts of the site shared a sort of uniformity or consistency, then the site would be more professional and less confusing.

Overall, I rate this site as being 4 stars out of 5.

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