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The History Of The Atomic Bomb
By Irena Savchenko, Columnist

The list of links above serves as great sources with which to expand your knowledge on the history of nuclear bombs. What follows is a critique of The Manhattan Project site.

The site for the Manhattan Project overall is a pretty good site. It is very informative and organized site. The site has three main purposes. The first is to talk about the Manhattan Project in detail. The project was what started the creation of the Atomic Bomb. The second purpose is to explain the different types of bombs that can be created. The third purpose is to talk about the ethical issues of using an Atomic Bomb.

These purposes are accomplished by a very simplistic layout use of HTML. The site basically has a menu on the left side of the page and the information is just a basic design of text in Times New Roman, but nothing fancy. The navigation of the site are arrows at the bottom of every page. There is an arrow to go to the next page, the previous page, and the title page. It is very easy to follow. Due to this layout there is no confusion of how to get to one page or another.

I found that the site is very informative and thorough about the topics that it presents. But it can be improved dramatically. There are basically no colors used except a very drab beige color for the menu and then the headings are blue. If it used a livelier color scheme then it would be more pleasing to the eye and not look so boring. The actual text can be a different font then the overly used Times New Roman. For a site that has a substantial amount of information it would make a more interesting read if there were just a few more images and pictures throughout the whole site. The images that are present should not be in embedded in the menu bar, instead be fit inside the text. Because the images are embedded in the menu, they are fairly small and are easy to miss if the person reading the site is not paying attention. I do like the navigation buttons; they seem to be the most complex HTML wise than anything else on the page. In general, if the site was visually enhanced the site would be more pleasing to the eye.

Overall, I give this site 3 out of 5 stars.

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