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The Making of Nuclear Bombs
Henry Fu, Columnist

The internet has a wide variety of resources. One can simply connect to the internet and search for a topic. The list of information sources above was compiled by runing one of those searches. Chances are, someone has written a website about that topic. Instantly, that person has access to information that might have taken him/her much longer to find without the internet. However, as with any other source, one must always examine the reliability and effectiveness of it.

I have chosen to critique HowStuffWorks.com because it is a wonderful learning resource on the mechanics of just about anything. This site is a very helpful site for someone to begin their research on nuclear bombs. It provides a brief introduction on what nuclear bombs are and when they were used. It also talks about common places where one may find nuclear bombs mentioned. It continues on to describe the different design of nuclear bombs and the science behind them. It gives descriptions of the mechanics behind the nuclear bombs.

This site utilizes HTML very well. The author of this webpage demonstrates fairly deep understanding of HTML concepts. The author is able to convey the information about nuclear bombs very smoothly through the web. By viewing the source, we can see that the author did use a cascading style sheet for this webpage. This is to be expected because this web page is one of many on this domain. Since this is a single company, they probably made one common style to make the pages all fit together.

The site is divided into many parts. Each page has a Table of contents. These links lead into a more detailed analysis of nuclear bombs. Also, in the various pages of this site, there are many instruments that are used to spark interest in the topic. The author puts in many different animated pictures that model the scientific concept that is being explained. This kept readers interested in the content of the site.

The actual content of this site is very helpful for any reader who wants to learn about nuclear weapons. It presents the information in a way which is simple to understand. The author does not include abstract nuclear science concepts which could confuse the reader. Instead he keeps it as simple as possible. For example, under the definition of nuclear fusion, he just says that it is bringing together two smaller atoms to create a larger atom and release energy. The site also includes a page on the consequences of nuclear explosions. This provides information for anyone who is concerned with the issues of nuclear weapons. It keeps an unbiased view in all of the writing, which is great for someone who only wants information.

There is not too much that can be improved in this site. The only downside is that there are many non-related ads on this site. This can be distracting and the reader may lose focus. Also, there are some broken links in the more info section. Other than that, this page seem pretty well put together.

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