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Instructor: John Holmes
Office: 108A Odegaard Undergraduate Library

Office Hours: By appointment

Phone: 616-8430
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Class Meeting Times and Location:
Odegaard 102 (UWired Collaboratory 2),
Monday and Wednesday, 10:30-11:50


January 7

Locate and subscribe to at least one Listserv or discussion group appropriate for your area of inquiry. Use these links:

January 13

Check the last section of the Web Page Workshop for a list of HTML instruction sites. Follow the link at Selected Online Resources, on the left.

January 25

The Class Schedule page has been amended. Notice that presentations of final projects will take 2 class sessions. I will be taking volunteers for those who would like to present their web sites on March 6 instead of March 8.

March 14

Final Projects


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Government Publications assistance: David Maack, International Publications
Cass Hartnett, U.S. Publications