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Course Schedule

(course syllabus, exam schedule, lab schedule)


TUESDAY lab - September 25

INFO: Software access

INFO: Expectations around the lab time

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 1 (Draw in Illustrator)


EXERCISE: Intro to Illustrator

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 2 - Flash (Import to Flash)


LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 2 - Edge (Introduction to Edge)


THURSDAY lab - September 27

LAB: Revise a Park Map

California Trails map modified

EXERCISE: Modify Another Map

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 3 - Flash (Make it move)


LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 3 - Edge (Make it move)

edge timeline

FRIDAY lab - September 28

Introduction to class project: UW Bus Map project (PowerPoint slides)

  • create an ePortfolio (instructions here)
  • assignment: use your ePortfolio to document your ideas
  • go to the web or elsewhere to search for inspiration


Visual of the Week - Hall of Mascots
TUESDAY lab - October 2


LAB: Biofuels Pie

biofuels Pie

EXERCISE: Biofuels Pie exercise

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 4 - Flash (Make the tab buttons change appearance)


LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 4 - Edge (Make the tab buttons change appearance)


THURSDAY lab - October 4
LAB: Network Diagram

(WARNING: This takes a long time, but it's worth it - it will solidify some key Illustrator skills)

network diagram

EXERCISE: Network Diagram - Color


FRIDAY lab - October 5

UW Bus Map Project

Bus route assignments

  • update ideas based on info from Transportation Services rep
  • Make an Illustrator file of your route (directions here)


Visual of the Week - Carland
TUESDAY lab - October 9

LAB: Color Analysis

color analysis

LAB: Drug Animation, Phase 1 - Drawing (Illustrator: Draw guy & house)

LAB: Drug Animation, Phase 2 - Animation (Flash: Animate toilet & drink)

wall visible

LAB: Export with CreateJS


THURSDAY lab - October 11

FLASH QUIZ (trial)

Things to know:
how to import an Illustrator file
how to write comments in your code
how to create symbols
how to add event listeners
how to change visibility of a symbol

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 5 (Let the user control the animation)


EXERCISE: Create your own controlled animation

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 6 (Control the movement with a slider)


FRIDAY lab - October 12

UW Bus Map Project

  • combine bus route files - registration file
  • start sketching out ideas (to share next week)


Visual of the Week - Household Energy
TUESDAY lab - October 16

LAB: Evaluate/Emulate Text

LAB: Create an NPS Style Map

finished map

THURSDAY lab - October 18

TAKE-HOME EXAM: Evaluate & Emulate 2 Designs

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 7 (Make the info box appear on hover)

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 8 (Make the text change)

EXERCISE: Dynamic Text


FRIDAY lab - October 19

UW Bus Map Project

  • share and critique ideas with class
  • assignment: Draw your route(s)



Visual of the Week - Passing Performance
TUESDAY lab - October 23

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 9 (Store the data in an XML file)

   <country id=''>
      <year id=''>

LAB: Choropleth Map - Flash

choropleth map


THURSDAY lab - October 25

Exercise: Learn about SVG

Lab: Choropleth Map - Javascript


FRIDAY lab - October26

UW Bus Map Project


Visual of the Week - HealthCare version A, version B
TUESDAY lab - October 30

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 10 (Draw the circles with ActionScript)

EXERCISE: Draw with ActionScript

ActionScript smiley Face

LAB: Draw circles with JavaScript and Canvas

labeled circles in Canvas

THURSDAY lab - November 1

UW Bus Map Project - curent version of map

  • Critique mockups
  • assignment: Revise based on critique

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 11 (Pull more data from the XML file)

   <country id='' color=''>


EXERCISE: Create a bar chart with ActionScript


FRIDAY lab - November 2

LAB: Drug Animation, Phase 3 (Finish drawing)


Visual of the Week - Time Zones
TUESDAY lab - November 6


Things to know:

In ActionScript:
   Make a symbol invisible
   Test to see if an symbol is hidden/visible
   Add an event listener to respond to a hover event
   Get the name of the symbol you hovered over
   Make a symbol follow the cursor
   Import an XML file
   Get a data value from an XML element
   Dynamically change text
In Flash:
   Figure out the instance name of an element within a symbol<

LAB: Drug Animation, Phase 4 (Loop animations)

THURSDAY lab - November 8

LAB: Export Loop animations with CreateJS

first frame with title

LAB: Drug Animation, Phase 5 (Scene animations)

next button symbol

FRIDAY lab - November 9

UW Bus Map Project - completed route map

  • Critique revisions
  • assignment: Revise and refine implementation


Visual of the Week - Nuclear Reactors
TUESDAY lab - November 13

Part 1 (Illustrator): Evaluate & Emulate a Design
Part 1 (Flash): Add interactivity to your design

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 12 (Create tweens in ActionScript)

EXERCISE: Create Tweens

tween start->tween end

THURSDAY lab - November 15

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 13a (Add more countries)

FRIDAY lab - November 16

UW Bus Map Project

  • User testing
  • assignment: Revise and refine implementation



Visual of the Week - Country Rankings
TUESDAY lab - November 20

EXERCISE: Olympic Medals, Phase 13b (Add comments to my code)

// add comments


no class

FRIDAY lab - November 23 - THANKSGIVING

no class


TUESDAY lab - November 27

NEW! Take Home Debrief

LAB: Drug Animation, Phase 6 (Masking)


THURSDAY lab - November 29

TAKE-HOME EXAM: Evaluate & Emulate a Design, Illustrator portion

TAKE-HOME EXAM: Evauate & Emulate a Design, Flash portion


FRIDAY lab - November 30

UW Bus Map Project

  • Critique revisions
  • assignment: Revise and refine implementation


MONDAY - December 3 upload your take-home exam plan
TUESDAY lab - December 4

LAB: Olympic Medals, Phase 14 (Create a class. This is the final lab for the Olympic Medals!)

Solution to the Take-Home Exam 2, Flash Portion

THURSDAY lab - December 6

Final critique opportunity

RESOURCE: Bus routes & the neighborhoods they serve

FRIDAY lab - December 7 (last day of instruction)

Final presentation of bus maps to Transportation Services

Permission form: If you are willing to let Transportation Services post your work on their website (giving you credit, of course), fill in this form. You can return it to me in my box in MGH (in the foyer on the way to MGH420).



MONDAY - December 10

Final Take-home exam due at 5:00 PM

WEDNESDAY - December 12

Last day to submit late labs and exercises (I'll accept them up until 5:00PM)



module showing how to add sound to a Flash file