Date Topic Readings Due Out
Sep 30 Documents (Jeff) Boolean retrieval (13 pages) The SEO Game
Oct 7 Queries (Jeff / Shawn) A taxonomy of web search (8 pages)
An algorithm for suffix stripping, Section 1. Introduction (2 pages)
Relevance feedback and query expansion (18 pages)
Oct 14 Evaluation (Jeff) Evaluation in information retrieval (25 pages)
Oct 21 Ads (Jeff) Computer Scientists Optimize Innovative Ad Auction (3 pages)
A Quality-Based Auction for Search Ad Markets with Aggregators (first 6 pages)
Oct 28 Crawlers (Shawn) The Evolution of the Web and Implications for an Incremental Crawler
Wikipedia: Web_crawler
An Introduction to Heritrix
Crawlers assignment
Nov 4 Links & Behavior (Jeff) Social network analysis: a powerful strategy, also for the information sciences
Studying Online Social Networks
Social network analysis: A methodological introduction (skip math) A Tale of Political Blogs and Content (skim)
SEO Game Checkpoint (No deliverables) The Pagerank Game
Nov 11 Veteran's Day Holiday
Nov 18 Networks (Shawn) The PageRank citation ranking: Bringing order to the Web (17 pages)
Strong Regularities in World Wide Web Surfing (3 pages)
Learning user interaction models for predicting web search result preferences (8 pages)
SEO Game Checkpoint and Deliverables Networks assignment
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Holiday Crawlers Assignment (Nov 25th)
Dec 2 Archiving (Shawn) Steven M. Schneider and Kirsten A. Foot, Archiving Internet Content, in W. Donsbach (Ed.), The International Encyclopedia of Communication, Blackwell, (2008).
Masanes, J. Web Archiving: Issues and Methods. Web Archiving (2006): 1-53. (Focus on sections 4.x and 5.x)
Roche, X. Copying Websites. Web Archiving (2006): 93-114. (Scan)
Internet Archive Wayback Machine (Play with)
Networks assignment (Dec 6th) Archiving assignment
Dec 9 Social (Shawn) The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Social Search Engine
Introducing Google Social Search: I finally found my friend's New York blog!
Archiving assignment (Dec 10) Social Assignment
Finals No finals Read / study for your other classes. The Pagerank Game
Social Assignment (Dec 16th)