Ling 573 - Natural Language Processing Systems and Applications
Spring 2017
Deliverable #1: Setting up: Due April 4, 2017, 23:45


Through this assignment you will set up the environment for your project: There is no coding or development required for this deliverable.

Organize your team

For this project you will work in teams of 3 (typically).

Once you form your team, your should send your team list to Glenn and indicate the type of repository you will be using (see below).

Setting up your repository

You will need to set up a repository to support your collaborative work on your project. You may use either a GIT or a Subversion repository. Basic how-tos are available on the CLMS wiki as well as on many public websites.

You should lay out the repository along the following lines, for Subversion and GIT, respectively.

For groups using Subversion: Assuming the group's directory is G1,
G1/trunk: main code
G1/branches: experiments
G1/tags: releases/deliverables

For groups using GIT: Since GIT does not rely on directory structure for repository organization, you just need to ensure that you tag each deliverable release appropriately so that it can be graded.

Each release should have following basic structure:
Dx.cmd: top-level Condor file (not needed for D1)
README: not needed for D1
src/: source code
doc/: reports, powerpoints, additional documentation
outputs/: output files
results/: evaluation results

Beginning the project report

Create an initial project report, D1.pdf, - essentially a paper outline, according to the guidelines.

This initial version of the project report should include the following sections (headings and as little text as you'd like):

The goal of this exercise is to ensure that, for the remainder of the course, you can concentrate on building working systems, rather than trying to figure out bibtex or arguing with your teammates about whether to use Word or latex.


I strongly encourage you to make sure that everyone on your team can successfully access and update your repository. Pay attention to umasks and other permissions. It is much better to get this sorted out now, when there is little pressure, than right before deadline when you suddenly realize you can't access your teammates' work. Speaking from far too much experience.....